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Past Works

I am posting some custom and sold items for example purposes.

Detailed View Scrimshawed horn with "Royal Coat of Arms" measuring 15 1/2" b-plug to tip with turned walnut plug. The front strap attaches to a releif carved bracket. (right side carry)
Detailed View Carolina banded horn, 16" b-plug to tip with turned walnut beehive butt, turned antler tip and 3 applied bands. (right side carry)
Detailed View Southwestern Virginia screw tip and banded horn. It is 14" b-plug to tip with a turned cherry butt plug and hawthorne pegs. (right side carry)
Detailed View 12 1/2" Amber horn with pine plug and staple, thin enough to see powder level (right side carry)
Detailed View 11 1/2" scrimshaw with recessed domed pine plug and rear lobe for strap (left side carry)
Detailed View Mid 1700's English Pipe Tomahawk, 19", curly ash handle, brass head with dove tail steel bit (head engraved like original), 3 silver bands and end cap, wrapped with 5" plaided quills

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