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Powder Horn Gallery

I've been asked about Right or Left side carry, which to choose and why does it matter? This has nothing to do with whether you're right or left handed. It's just a personal preference. You will want to give some consideration to your comfort level when carrying the horn, loading to shoot and just what works best for you. Choose a horn that fits yours needs.

Detailed View Replica of the "1761" Stephen Tamblin horn. It is fifteen inches from butt plug to tip with a risqué 4-line poem. Slightly domed pine butt plug. (left side carry)$550
Detailed View Carolina banded horn, 17" b-plug to tip with 3 applied dark bands, leather braided strap, turned walnut tip and butt plug (right side carry)$300
Detailed View Carolina banded horn, 17" b-plug to tip with 4 applied bands and 2 engraved silver bands (left side carry)$450
Detailed View 12" Scrimshawed horn with unique "pewter gray" tip color, recessed dome, pine plug and raised rope edges (right side carry)$450
Detailed View 11" Scrimshawed horn with domed pine plug (right side carry)$350
Detailed View This is a 15 1/2" screwbase horn with wood screw threads, can see powder level through horn. (right side carry)$225
Detailed View 16" Screwbase with brass lever valve, wood threads and walnut plug (right side carry)$250
Detailed View Thin "see thru" repair horn with deer rawhide and domed pine plug (right side carry)$150
Detailed View "The Classic" is a large mid to late 18th century horn, musket or fowler size, 18". Thin enough to see powder level with pine plug and homemade furniture pull. (right side carry)$225
Detailed View 14" New York map horn with turned carved cherry plug and octogon spout (right side carry)$400
Detailed View 14 1/2" Octagon horn with 2 1/2" turned cherry plug and octagon spout with strap (right side carry)$400
Detailed View Very thin and light 13 1/2" with slightly domed pine plug, staple for strap and spout (right side carry)$175
Detailed View Large early horn 16" long, pine plug with staple, octagon spout and ring. Good curve and twist. (right side carry)$225
Detailed View Large early 16" horn with pine plug and staple, octagon shaped last 4 1/2" from ring. (left side carry)
*This and the horn above are from the same cow.
Detailed View Virginia style 14 1/2" horn with turned and chip carved cherry plug and fancy spout$pecial order
Detailed View Priming horn with scrimshaw animals of the Virginia area. Fancy spout with attached copper ring$pecial order

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