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Powder Horn Gallery

Detailed View Replica of the "1761" Stephen Tamblin horn. It is fifteen inches from butt plug to tip with a risqué 4-line poem. Slightly domed pine butt plug. (left side carry)$550
Detailed View Carolina banded horn, 16" b-plug to tip with turned walnut beehive butt, turned antler tip and 3 applied bands. (right side carry)$325
Detailed View Carolina banded horn, 17" b-plug to tip with 3 applied dark bands, leather braided strap, turned walnut tip and butt plug. (right side carry)$300
Detailed View Carolina banded horn, 17" b-plug to tip with 4 applied bands and 2 engraved silver bands. (left side carry)$450
Detailed View Southwestern Virginia screw tip and banded horn. It is 14" b-plug to tip with a turned cherry butt plug and hawthorne pegs. (right side carry)$350
Detailed View Scrimshawed horn with "Royal Coat of Arms" measuring 15 1/2" b-plug to tip with turned walnut plug. The front strap attaches to a releif carved bracket. (right side carry)$450
Detailed View 12" Scrimshawed horn with unique "pewter gray" tip color, recessed dome, pine plug and raised rope edges. (right side carry)$450
Detailed View 11" Scrimshawed horn with domed pine plug (right side carry)$375
Detailed View This is a 15 1/2" screwbase horn with wood screw threads, can see powder level through horn. (right side carry)$225
Detailed View 16" Screwbase with brass lever valve, wood threads and walnut plug (right side carry)$250
Detailed View 12 1/2" Amber horn with pine plug and staple, thin enough to see powder level (right side carry)$175
Detailed View Thin "see thru" repair horn with deer rawhide and domed pine plug (right side carry)$175
Detailed View "The Classic" is a large mid to late 18th century horn, musket or fowler size, 18". Thin enough to see powder level with pine plug and homemade furniture pull. (right side carry)$225
Detailed View 11 1/2" scrimshaw with recessed domed pine plug and rear lobe for strap (left side carry)sold

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